This suggests that the Lord is still in search of his Lady.

Following a brief love affair, Scott Disick and Rebecca Donaldson have broken up, sources confirm to CelebHomes News. According to an insider close to him, the reality star the model’s relationship ended a few weeks ago. 

According to the source, “They had a very brief romance but it was certainly serious.” The source said that while he enjoyed the time with her, he realized he was not at the right place for serious dating.

It appears that there are no bad blood. CelebHomes News has been told by another source that the couple have parted amicably. CelebHomes News also reported that his wife encouraged him to focus on himself and find what makes him happy.

It seems that Scott is living life alone at the moment, according to one source. Scott said that he “wants” to be independent and free to do what he pleases.

However, he was also spotted with his wife recently. It’s too hot to handle‘s Holly Scarfone, the source told CelebHomes News “they have a very casual relationship.” According to the source, they see each other when they’re both in town. Scott prefers this type of relationship. Because he’s traveled a lot, he doesn’t desire to be tied down.