modern bathroom with luxury vinyl tile

One of the most effective ways to refresh your bathroom is with bathroom remodeling maximize the profit on your home saleYou need to invest very little. Homeowners can get back 170% on average after minor renovations to their bathroom. 

Flooring can make or break both the style of your bathroom, and it’s resale value. Bathroom flooring is a complex subject. two main options

  • LVT 
  • Ceramic tile 

What’s The Difference? 

Vinyl is made from fiberglass and PVC. Both are reinforced plastics. The standard vinyl tiles are waterproof, stain- and water-resistant. They are sealed with mastic. Luxury vinyl tiles are different. They are different. They’re thicker and more durable. Many now come with click-lock edges, which allow for faster, easier installation. 

Which of these is the most expensive? 

Luxury vinyl tilesCeramic tile is typically $5-$20 per square feet, and ceramic tiles can cost between $4-7 per square pied. This could lead to an increase in flooring costs of between $40-40% for bathrooms measuring 36-40 sq. feet. 

Whether you’re looking to increase your home’s value in preparation for a sale or just because it’s time for a bathroom upgradeCeramic tile and LVT are worthy of your attention.  

If you’re selling soon, work with your real estate agent and Curbio, the pre-listing home improvement experts, to determine which material works best for achieving your home sale goals. Curbio is quick and simple for both you and your agent, so that you can get on with your day.