Sarah Jeffery knew the original Charmed stars weren’t bewitched by the reboot, but she was still hoping they’d appear on the series before it ended.

The reboot writers began to create the structure for season 4 as the finale neared. Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie CombsAlyssa Milano Rose McGowanPotential return of the series. However, The CW informed that the series was not going to be renewed in time for a fifth episode.

CelebHomes News: “I had hoped that we would get another season. If only to continue to where it went,” she said. “We were delighted to bring in the OG Charmed ones.”

In the finale, Mel (Melonie DiazMaggie (Sarah), and KaelaLucy Barrett) discover a portal to Halliwell Manor, where the witches from the original series lived.

Sarah ignores the social media chatter about the controversial finale of the series. Sarah explained, “I am aware that there were mixed reviews about the finale.” “But, I believe we felt very proud of how we ended. We knew that it would be an excellent cliffhanger for fans and allow them to see and imagine the next episode.