Sam stated to CelebHomes that they would soon be married. Herbert EafordHis Gucci look was so great that it earned him an invitation. You’ll get invited if your dress is like this man. You can wear this any day. I’d love to have you as my best friend.”

Although we don’t know Britney’s feelings on this, it’s something that we are 100% behind!

CelebHomes News reported that the actress is still enjoying everyday life, according to a source.

The source said that Sam is her true love and she really wanted to be married. The source said that she wanted a fresh start. Sam will be her companion for the moment.

Although the couple have not yet revealed major details, planning seems to be well underway. On Nov. 9, Britney posted a photo of herself in a light-pink gown, and while she clarified it was not her wedding dress, she did reveal that Donatella Versace was working on the garment “as we speak.”