Amid the tragic loss of her firstborn, Chris’ stepdaughter, Deanna reminded readers, “The people who loved her are in pain and we are mourning they are not talking to the press, they are not spreading rumors and they sure as hell are not making this about themselves. Please, everyone! Please let the investigators do their job and remember that snippets from someone’s past does not make them who they are.

Deanna shared her grief at having to grieve her daughter and face public comment as she closed her message. “I loved my daughter so much & I am experiencing the deepest emotional pain I have ever felt! Please stop making it worse for those of us who love her by spreading rumors & saying disgusting things about our family,” she asked. We are people. It doesn’t make it okay to have a job as a public servant. We are grateful to all the wonderful people who have sent us love, prayers and kind words during this difficult time. Although we can’t reach everyone individually, I know you will understand that. But please be assured that we are grateful to people like yours.