A handful of spanish actors/actresses have made it big and continue to thrive on-screen. Antonio Banderas, James Edward Olmos, and Sofia Vergara are just to name some. This one in particular has just listed her house on the market as a lease. You’ve heard Cartman from “Sotuh Park” say this woman’s name, and many men have idolized her since day 1 of appearing on TV. Salma Hayek’s Hollywood Hills estate in Los Angeles is now available for rent at $8,900 per month and will be ready to accept movers in October.

Salma called this 2,874 sq ft estate “home” for a whopping 10 years. She actually bagged this home not too long after her huge cinematic breakout in Desperado. Salma Hayek was Antonio Banderas co-star in the film. Any man would go crazy over her casa. It just reeks of Hayek. Home was built in 1962. Although the site was renovated partially, the era in which the house was built shows through the exterior. The interior is much more modern, as well as simple and lavishing.

Floor plan includes 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, all on one level. Floor plan is also open, so options for arranging furniture are endless. There are two dinng rooms, one that serves as the main and the other for additional seating (can accommodate up to 4 people). Adjacent to the main dining room is one of the living rooms that contains a fireplace, followed by the main living room where you can peer through clear glass windows as you watch a movie or sitcom on a nice n’ large flat screen HDTV.

Kitchen is adequate in navigable space. A stainless steel microwave and double-stacked ovens are part of the renovations and will be included in the rent, along with a nice-sized swimming pool. The new tenant(s) will be treated to a lush view of LA from the backyard balcony, which flows nicely right back into the home. Flooring is hardwood, so don’t forget to put back on your flip flops! Another cool thing about Salma’s casa is it’s within Outpost Estates. Noted actors Michael C. Hall, Ryan Reynolds, and……….Matthew Perry once referred to this community as home.

Address: 2249 Chelan Place, Los Angeles CA 90068