After a full year of restrictions that have kept many people at home, 2021 starts off as a year with many new promises and changes to come. And the interior design sphere is no exception. Read on to find five home décor trends for 2021 and make your home shine like never before.

1.   Rethinking All Spaces

Spending so much time at home means every single space needs to feel comfortable, versatile, and livable. Look twice at less-used spaces and incorporate furniture concepts that may play a double role. Fill them with durable fabrics that will resist wear, upholstery that may do a good job hiding imperfections that may arise from heavy use, and furniture pieces that are chic and versatile. That nook by the window may now be transformed into your home office. And that seldom-used guest bedroom may become the ideal home school for the kids.

2.   Strategically Placed Indoor Plants

Incorporating indoor plants and trees helps bring nature indoors so that even during those days that you work where you live and live where you work you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of beautiful plants around you. From a small plant strategically placed on a shelf to a full tree in a unique planter in the corner by a window, develop a collection of nature to gladden your heart.

Include the idea of an edible garden and fill your kitchen or sunny window in your dining area with pots of growing vegetables and herbs that will enhance your home-cooking in a pinch.

3.   Dare to Be Bold

Embrace dark and be bold enough to paint an accent wall that will liven up a room, create depth and interest. Use expressive colors that will make a room more interesting. Go with a deep brown or purple and see a bland room transformed in front of your eyes.

4.   Use Smart Lighting

Keeping up with the trend of making your home more livable and functional, change out regular incandescent bulbs and look for interesting decorative lighting that will offer you a more soothing lighting that will fit your needs. Whether your kids go to school via Zoom or you hold routine family gatherings through the same technology, make sure the right lighting illuminates the area and people’s faces in a flattering way.

5.   Adopt Timeless Design

Adding old-world pieces to your interior design will turn any area into a timeless space. Hang old oil paintings. Reupholster your grandma’s old reading chair to bring it to today’s aesthetic. Don’t be afraid to look for two end chairs for your dining room that are different from the rest and bring a point of interest to your dining room. Don’t be afraid to mix and match to achieve an incomparable look that is all you.

Work with A Design Expert

You may feel a bit overwhelmed with so many choices and options and not exactly sure as to how to get the best look for your home. That is why the contractors at HCC that you take the time to find the right contractor or designer to bring your home to today’s look. As experts, they have the resources and knowledge to adapt to your budget and make sure your home ends up looking as beautiful as you have envisioned.