NBA legends such as Michael Jordan and the towering Shaquille O’Neal have been managing to continue living it up and keeping busy, despite retiring their respective jerseys. Although not retired, this pro basketball player in particular is most likely already set for retirement. You’ve seen him in dozens of basketball video game covers and commercials for his product. And, if you watch or read the news, then you may’ve seen him beat-up 19 year-olds. Kobe Bryant and his reconciled wife, Vanessa Bryant, listed their Newport Coast estate on the market a few weeks ago for $8.6 million.

Don’t you have enough cheddar, Kobe? Even after the wifey grabbed you by the assets and left you with almost nothing in real estate, what you’ve lost can be gained easily. Perhaps what the house of Bryant has to offer may be worth $8.6 million. The place practically looks like a mansion, right off the bat. House was built in 1997 and was purchased in the same year by no other than Kobe Bryant. He snagged the newly constructed home not too long after he got signed with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The mediterranean-style exterior and roofing help bring out the overall beauty of this mansion-like construct, as well as adequate foliage. The surrounding bushes and palm trees don’t suffocate the vibe that Bryant headquarters gives off. It’s just perfect. The path that leads to the house opens up into glossy terrain and a 3-door garage that can cater to 6 cars at most. Perhaps an additional 2, judging by it’s considerable size. Floor plan consists of 4 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and two floors. The interior is just pure elegance and dons custom-made renovations.

The estate weighs in tremendously at 8,471 sq ft. A full-fleged entertainment room can be found on site. It feels as though you’re in an actual authentic movie theater, except with fancier curtains and larger personal seats. Other amenities include fireplace, double-oven, stainless steel refridgerator, BBQ area, and a succulent hotel-style pool area. The house even has a personal gym! If you have the money, then why not.

Address: 1 Pinnacle Point, Newport Coast CA 92657