Whether you’re a professional golfer, race car driver, or poker player, fame and wealth will surely follow. Professional boxers aren’t to be left out of the equation, including those whose arms stretch from overseas to the states. Philippines own, Manny Pacquiao, has established a considerable reputation for himself in America. His success stretches so wide that he managed to snag a sizeable two-story house in ole celebrity central, Los Angeles, in 2009 for $2.170 million. Today, Pacquiao’s going in for the kill and is currently trying to sell it for $2.7 million.

The floor plan of the 2008-built 4,273 sq ft home packs more of a punch than the elegant exterior. Firstly, the beautiful fencing that’s helping enclose the two-story tower should be noted, as well as the 2-door garage. You can already see two different styles of windows, which help give the home an overall diverse and non-boring look. The front entrance dons double-doors with a rich coated finish. They open easily into the house. Newcomers will be greeted by a short, but narrow hallway that immediately leads to the living room.

Floor plan consists of 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, with ceilings as tall as PBCom Tower. Alright, maybe not that tall, but the ceilings in Manny’s estate are “up there.” An elegant dining room will be on your left as you navigate through the first floor of the house. Dining room is accompanied by a fireplace. Perfect for a romantic dinner. Alittle further down to the back is the kitchen. Comes complete with an island table that is capable of seating 4-6 people. The island table has a built-in stove top. Additional seating can be found in the corner of the kitchen.

Living room is adequate in both navigable space and furniture arrangement options. Also comes with a fireplace! Aaaaand another fireplace in the master bedroom. The living room and kitchen flow out into the backyard nicely. Complete with a nice-sized pool, BBQ area, and adequate seating. Even the pool has a fireplace! But not just any fireplace. The pool fireplace is contained within a mini waterfall. $2.7 million for coolness and hotness? A very generous deal if you’d ask me.

Address: 526 N Plymouth Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90004