The attractive blind chick from Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Kerry Washington, may not be as blind as we thought. The Bronx-born actress rose to on-screen success ever since The Last King of Scotland and the Fantastic Four sequel. She held a significant part in Tarantino’s very successful project, Django Unchained. She starred opposite of Jamie Foxx, who played her love, Django. Now, she’s lead in the series “Scandal,” which will be going for a 3rd season. Kerry’s resume may or may not be what caused her to leave both her ex David Moscow (apparently an actor) and a studio apartment in Harlem.

In turn, Moscow set the studio as an investment, along with the three other units that the building encases. Him and Kerry occupied the lowest unit which has a garden/patio area. The building was built in 1900 and offers 3,500 sq ft of living space. It stands tall and rejuvenated on 0.04 acres, with nicely-done brick work. The establishment includes fireplaces, soothing views, and is about 5 blocks away from Central Park. Oh yes, and the price tag is $2.95 million.

Address: 312 W 115th St, New York NY 10026