Crikey, don’t try this at home!

In the thrilling season 4 finale Crikey! The Irwins!Steve IrwinSon Robert was nearly attacked by a 12-foot crocodile.

Casper the reptile was moved to a new place at Australia Zoo by the 18 year old. He wanted to make sure that he felt comfortable in his new habitat.

Robert, Casper’s test partner, said that if he is coming out of water, it means he will be ready to perform at the Crocoseum.

Robert was followed by his colleague. He was responsible for keeping Casper’s girlfriend in check. Wendy, entered the enclosure, he held out some meat and began stomping his feet to let Casper —who Robert described as “wild” and “very hard to see under the water”—know that it was time for the feeding.

Robert revealed that “I have no idea what he will react to it.” It’s truly terrifying.