CelebHomes – What are you most fond of about Express Shopping?
Express has been a place I have frequented for many years. I love the bold colors and the amazing outfits, but for a dancer, it’s vital to have comfortable, stretchy fabric that I can move in. Express clothing is versatile. The clothes are great looking and super comfortable. Stiff clothes are like nails on a chalkboard for a dancer. Express offers so much flexibility.

HE: Express has a wide range of products that I love. It is possible to put together an entire look. Any There are many options for every occasion. My favorite part about them is the fact that they can be worn both to work and on weekends. There are so many options that can be worn in many situations.

CelebHomes – Tell me more about Express.
DH: It’s about expression and confidence. Something I always say that confidence isn’t something that you have. It is something you can do to build confidence. Doing things that make you feel confident will give you this feeling. I find dancing to be a fantastic way to accomplish that. However, whatever passion you have, dance can help build your confidence. It’s something that I love about Instagram and TikTok is the ability to let people know what you are passionate about. You can express yourself and share your energy. Clothing can play a big part in expressing yourself. Bright colors are a great way to show my personality.

He: Confidence can also be found through personal style. Everyone feels comfortable in their own way. We wear the clothes we are confident in dancing in. Express sells some great items that make people feel comfortable and included.

CelebHomes – The notion of building confidence is an action, rather than simply having it is so easy to see “confidence” as something achievable.
DH: It’s more powerful to think this way. Instead of feeling like you have lost something or don’t feel confident, it’s possible to be empowered to do what you want. You can do things that will build your confidence and make you feel better about yourself. For us, a lot of that comes from dance,  but in a more general sense, it’s about finding outlets for self-expression.