What is the most athletic Kardashian? Yes, it still exists Kendall Jenner. As long as there isn’t any snow, you know.

In her TikTok debut, the model shared a video of herself crashing face-first into the snow while failing to land a snowboarding jump during a recent trip to Aspen. Naturally, the voiceover for the clip—captioned “it’s giving ‘pick me’ vibes”—is from an episode of Keep up with the KardashiansKendall jokedly said to her sisters “I am literally built for being an athlete.” All of my blood tests have shown that I am athletic above and beyond the average limit.

After all, she is the daughter of Olympic decathlete Caitlyn Jenner. In the episode, while going head-to-head with her sisters in a family volleyball game, Kendall boasted that she has “the body of a sports star” and was “built for this s–t.”

In the episode of 2021, she stated “When it involves sports, I like to win.” “My father always had such faith in me,” she said. Kylie [Jenner]We were both athletic when we were young. “We grew up as Olympic-gened girls, just like our dads.