His “intense trip” was not a fair description of the pain he went through on his way to accepting his truth. But his true fan loved him so much that they were happy to see their heartsthrobs sound so happy. His words were written in MeHe knew that he was one of the fortunate ones but his experience as an out gay man had been positive and motivating.

It was then back to his normal life as a global celebrity dad. He had to find the right balance between being openly gay and still protecting his family’s privacy. He focused on parenting Matteo and Valentino, fell in and out of love a few times before finding lasting happiness with Yosef (whom he exchanged messages with for six months before they met in person), and started advocating for LGBTQ+ rights in his native Puerto Rico. 

He said, “If social media gives me the opportunity to speak to 75 million people, I would not hesitate to discuss the important things people need to know.” Out Last year.

Martin announced the birth of Renn, his fourth child, while accepting the Human Rights Campaign’s National Visibility Award for his years of good work in 2019. “I love you,” he told Yosef, adding, “My beautiful twins, Valentino and Matteo, they’re also here. “I love you from the bottom of my heart. You’re my strength. Your motivation keeps me going.

He continued, “I love you. Lucia, my precious baby girl that isn’t here with us. Although she was at Grandma’s, she’s still my light and my joy.