Ho-hoo-ho, to no-no.

CelebHomes News loves the holidays. Spending time with loved ones. Seasonal beverages. The twinkling lights. The food. The movies. Nothing is more comforting than a Sunday night spent with our loved ones watching Hallmark’s latest cheesy, but delicious Countdown To Christmas movie while enjoying a cup of warm cocoa. (We’ve got the proof: We ranked every offering in 2021. They did.

While we are happy to receive a cheerful Christmas gift, we also recognize the differences between gifts (think timeless classics). The Christmas Vacation: Home Alone And Elf, or even a relative newcomer like HBO Max’s nostalgic 8-Bit Christmas() A lump of coal which leaves us feeling colder than outside. 

Not every seasonal outing can go on to become annual event programming like Love Actually Oder The Santa Clause. Some are destined to be at the end of Netflix’s Christmas recommendations scroll.