This is what it looks like Dorit Kimsley might be switching her title from Housewife to Million Dollar Matchmaker.

The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsThe quest of a star to establish a cosstar Garcelle BeauvaisContinue the hilarious peek at Bravo’s Aug. 10 episode. In CelebHomes News’ exclusive preview, Dorit once again brings up her mysterious friend DonShe revealed to Garcelle that she was really into Garcelle in last week’s episode.

Dorit tells Garcelle that she was just telling Garcelle about a friend of hers who is our tax accountant. RHOBHCast at a dinner party. “And he’s successful, charming men.” 

Kyle RichardsGarcelle responds with a little laugh: “Is Garcelle now married?” Garcelle replies sarcastically, “Apparently.”

Dorit continued to talk up Don. She said, “He’s charming, he dresses very nice, and he is so charmant, he’s so smart.”

Kyle, skeptical, asks “But?” Dorit insists “There is no other!”

In a confessional, Garcelle explains why she questions her friend’s matchmaking skills: “Dorit has been mentioning this guy for about a year now, so why hasn’t he reached in a year?”