John EasterlingHe is honoring his wife. Olivia Newton-John.

John, aged 70, wrote an emotional letter to the Grease star just days after she passed away at 73-years-old. Olivia was 73 years old when her family posted an Instagram statement on August 8 confirming that she had died after fighting breast cancer for 30 years.

John, in his August 10 message, reflected upon their relationship.

He began, “Olivia. Our love for one another transcends all our understanding.” We expressed gratitude each day for the love that was so genuine, deep and natural.

John and John were talking about their love, but John also shared the fact that he was a romantic with them. Xanadu star “never had to ‘work’ on it,” adding, “We were in awe of this great mystery and accepted the experience of our love as past, present and forever.” After meeting in the 1990s, they began dating and got married one year later.