One of the milestones that a soon-to be big sister is celebrating is her birthday. 

It’s true: Tuesday, February 1st, is Stormi Webster‘s birthday!

Kylie Jenner Travis Scott‘s first-born child is turning four, and while she already had a joint birthday party with cousin Chicago WestKim Kardashian Kanye “Ye” West‘s youngest daughter, who also recently turned four—we’re sure that her parents have plenty of special plans in store for the day. 

After all, Stormi is Kylie’s “favorite girl.”

Mother-daughter is almost inseparable. Stormi has already turned into Kylie’s stylish little sister. 

The pair often wear matching outfits. Think identical Halloween pajamas, twinning jackets and color-coordinated Christmas looks—you name it, Kylie and Stormi have rocked it.

In honor of Stormi’s special day, let’s look back on all the times Stormi and her mother were just two peas in (stylish!) pod.