Lamar OdomMay not be able to keep up Khloe KardashianBut that doesn’t necessarily mean you have lost your love.

In this exclusive sneak peek of the new season of Celebrity Big Brother, which premieres Feb. 2 on CBS, the former NBA star confided in fellow contestant Todrick HallThat he has missed the Staying up with the Kardashians star.

Lamar’s confession comes just after he admits that he had a dream about Khloe. He adds, “I had some great dreams last night.” I dreamt my ex wife last night.”

Todrick is curious and asks “Who’s your ex-wife?”

“You don’t know her?” Lamar is surprised to hear this.

When Todrick asks Lamar to clarify how many wives he’s had, the American athlete comments, “Just the one and only.”

Though Lamar admits that he and Khloe no longer talk, it’s clear that the reality TV icon is often on his mind. Lamar says, “I miss her so very much.” Lamar shares, “I wish that I could go back in time.”