We’ve got some bombshell news—literally.

SmashNBC aired a musical drama called ‘The Making of the Fictional’ for two seasons, from 2012 to 2013. It lasted on NBC for 2 seasons. Marilyn MonroeMusical BombshellAccording to its original producer and composer,, he might move to Broadway. 

Produced on May 22, Neil MeronProducer of the 2002 movie adaptation of ChicagoThe 2007 movie adaptation. HairsprayShared a collection of photos and video from a live performance of the stage version of Smash.

Meron captioned this post, “#Smash has a new life!” “Our tv series is thriving because @bobgreenblattpics and an unnamed producer partner (who has many amazing movie credits) proudly assembled the creative team last week.

Meron refers to an “unnamed producer partner”. No other than the film icon Steven Spielberg! Photos from the reading show that Academy Award-winning director is just coming off his critically acclaimed revival West Side Story. Evidently, he has the Broadway bug.