As part of the Texas search for human remains, Texas has seen the recovery of human remains. Taylor Pomaski continues. 

This series of tweets was posted by Harris County Sheriff on December 10, 2010. Ed Gonzalez confirmed that investigators and members of Texas EquuSearch searched and excavated a site in North Harris County, a location identified during the ongoing investigation into the 29-year-old woman’s disappearance.

Gonzalez stated that investigators found possible remains which were later confirmed by the HC Institute of Forensic Sciences to be human. Twitter. Investigators remain unsure of the identity and origins of the remains at this point, however investigators suspect they are related to the Pomaski investigation. The HC Institute of Forensic Sciences will identify the remains. 

He addedAccording to CrimeStoppers: “Anyone has information about Taylor Pomaski’s disappearance is asked to contact us, CrimeStoppers or both, because the investigation is ongoing.”

CelebHomes News was informed by the PIO of Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences on Dec. 14 that remains were not identified. There is currently no timeline for their identification.