According to documents, “Irreconcilable disputes have resulted in the irremediable destruction of the marriage and there is no way of salvaging it through counseling or any other means.” “The technical marital status must be maintained between the parties.” [Kim] and [Ye] serves no useful purpose, there is no reason to maintain the legal relationship.”

Kim also requests the court change of her marital status from legally married to single. Ye’s lawyers are alleged to be “non-responsive” and she is trying to “move the matter forward to a quick and amicable solution.”

She also wants to remove “West”, from her surname, and return to her maiden names.

According to the documents, Kim has agreed to “any conditions” that the court plans to impose in order for her to officially divorce the “Jesus Is King” rapper.

CelebHomes News had previously reached out Kim and Ye’s attorney for comment.