Find out more Javier BardemTime is of the essence.
He stars in the role of a Cuban-American television star.Desi ArnazIn the next film Being the RicardosThe father of two may be able to tell a few things about being half of an internationally recognized dynamic couple. CelebHomes News was the exclusive interview with the dad-of-two about his intimate relationship with his wife. Penelope CruzTheir power couple status can only be maintained by putting their closest friends first.
“When you have a family,” the actor told CelebHomes News during the film’s Los Angeles premiere on Dec. 6, “you have to be more alert of making sure that there’s time for the family—which is, by far, what is most important.”
Recall that Penelope and Javier, who were married July 2010 have been very private about their love. Both are fathers to their sons Leo10 and 9 year olds. Luna, 8.
This biographical drama stars Bardem opposite his wife Arnaz. It debuted in theatres Dec. 10, and will now be available online on Amazon Prime Dec. 24. Lucille Ball (Nicole Kidman).