Morgan’s Birth Journey to Baby No. 2

Morgan StewartThe pregnancy of ‘Meghan was a rollercoaster ride!

CelebHomes News celebrity shocked her fans in September. Daily PopHosts can announce she and her husband to the audience by telling them. Jordan McGrawThey are about to have their second baby six months after their first child, a girl they named “Baby Girl” Row

It’s too obvious, you know. I can’t hide it anymore,” Morgan told Justin Sylvester Loni LoveShe admitted that the shocking news had been kept a secret from her since July. 

Relieved she didn’t have to hide behind big shirts and black ensembles anymore, Morgan began documenting her pregnancy journey on CelebHomes’s digital series Not Necessary Reality

Here are some of the most funny and honest moments from her pregnancy. 

In the above round-up clip, hear Morgan talk about everything from her “vaginé” to persistent nausea, and everything in between. 

She says, in a particularly hilarious moment: “I had really terrible pain yesterday…I believe things are growing, stretching, and then anxiety. Then I go pour some oil all over me and like put my legs in the air, because I think it’s going to stop from swelling into an Elephant.”