You, too, can live like a celeb when you take the time to turn your garden into an outdoor oasis. The following four tips will help you recreate a dreamy celeb garden that you can be proud of and show off to your friends and family. It’ll be an excellent addition to your garden that you can admire and enjoy throughout the years. Great gardens not only look good but they feel good too. For the best results, you want yours to be relaxing and calming, simple to navigate, and easy to maintain. 

  • Think through the Design & Purpose

A wise first step is to decide what type of growing space you’d like to create before you get started recreating your dreamy celeb garden. Consider if you’re going to use it to display flowering plants only or if you also want to incorporate vegetables, herbs, and other foods. You want to have enough room available for your plants to flourish and leftover space for relaxing and entertaining guests on decking or a patio area. Getting the design right is essential to ensure that it’s aesthetically appealing and functional. 

  • Add Elements of Surprise

Another tip for bringing your dream garden to life is to add elements of surprise and interest. For example, you may want focal points such as garden statues, water fountains and ponds for visual appeal and to make it more peaceful. Visit to secure the pumps and filter systems you need to keep your water features looking beautiful and clean. Include elements of surprise so that around every corner, there’s an appealing and attractive ingredient or aspect that catches your attention. 

  • Create A Comfort Zone

You want your dreamy celeb garden to offer a sense of calm and peace when you view or enter it. Therefore, consider what types of plants and trees will help you achieve this goal. While plants are there to look pretty, they can also add comfort and utility to your garden. Ornamental grasses can add a sense of privacy, while conifers and broad-leaved evergreens can shelter your garden from harsh winds and bad weather conditions. There are many options and sizes when it comes to adding greenery, flowers, and plants, so take some time to search around before committing to a particular look. 

  • Plan for Growth

Recreate a dreamy celeb garden by planning for the future and growth. As plants grow and mature, they’re going to need room to flourish. Experts recommend placing any plants more than 30 to 36 inches tall at least two to three feet back from the walkway and patio edges to avoid overcrowding. Be prepared to move plants around if necessary to make your garden less cramped and more spacious. You also want to have plenty of room to walk through your garden. Make sure there’s enough elbow room to get around and enjoy your garden comfortably.