Are you planning to sell your luxury home?
Perhaps you just think its exterior could use some revitalization. Whatever the
reason, there are ways to make your property the talk of the neighborhood for
how outstanding it looks. Steps to boost your home’s curb appeal can make you
happier with it if you’re planning to live there for many years to come and can increase its value if you’re planning to sell.
The following are a few ideas you might want to consider to liven up your
home’s exterior.

Focus on the Lawn

When driving or walking up to a house for the
first time, the condition of the lawn is one of those things that will stick
out immediately. A neglected lawn is very apparent. The most frequent signs are
overgrown grass, browning grass or both. You should follow some time-tested
advice for keeping your lawn looking lush and beautiful.

  • Regular Mowing

     To keep your grass at a fairly regular
    height you should have it mowed weekly. Don’t cut off more than about a third
    of the grass blade to be sure the grass isn’t harmed, which may impede its
    subsequent growth.

  • Proper Fertilizing and Watering

     You want to fertilize your lawn in the
    spring. April should be a good month to do it. Then fertilize again about four
    weeks later. After this, you’ll want to do it every month and a half to two
    months until October.

     How often you might need to water your
    lawn is a bit trickier since rain will frequently help you with this. As a
    general rule, water your lawn if the grass starts to look bluish-gray in color,
    if the blades are starting to wilt or if footprints remain in the grass for an
    extended amount of time.

  • Weeding

     Weeds do more than making a lawn look
    unsightly. They compete with your grass for air and nutrients, which inhibit
    its growth. Pulling weeds by hand can be a chore, so if you have a fair number
    of them, using a low-toxicity herbicide might be your best bet.

Paint or Powerwash Your Home Exterior

Has it been a while since your home has been
painted? Sometimes, paint can fade over time, and because it happens gradually,
you may not notice. If it’s been several years since you’ve had it painted,
having this done again can give it a revitalized appearance, which will boost
curb appeal.

If it hasn’t been long since it was last
painted, you should still check to see if it’s dirty. A good power washing is
all that may be needed in this instance.


We already touched on your lawn, but there’s
so much more potential when it comes to greenery than the grass. Well-groomed
bushes and flowers along the front of your home can beautify it considerably.
You can also line a front walkway with them.


The hardscape is a part of your home’s
landscape. It includes parts of your exterior such as paths, patios, gates,
decks, driveways and fencing. You may want to give your luxury home a unique
hardscaping feature such as a fountain. The driveway is a fairly dominant
hardscape feature of any home. Especially if your driveway is showing its age,
you could try updating it with brick or paver tiles to give it an elegant look.

A New Garage Door or Front Door

If your home’s foot or car entryways leave
something to be desired, do something about it! A garage door is typically
large and takes up a lot of the space in the front of a house. If it’s showing
its age, this can detract from curb appeal considerably. Though smaller, a
front door to your home that looks stylistically out of sync with the rest of
your home or that’s in bad shape can be holding back its curb appeal as well.
These two items hold tremendous sway over how your home looks, and refinishing
or replacing them can make huge inroads to boosting curb appeal.