When it comes to home decorating projects, upgrading your outdoor lighting may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are many benefits to improving your home’s exterior — starting with better illumination.

Still not convinced that it’s time to elevate your exterior lighting? Here are five reasons you should revamp your outdoor lighting plan.

1. You’ll Get More Out Of Your Outdoor Areas

The pandemic found many people convening outdoor spaces out of necessity. Now that it’s abating, people are opting to keep the outdoor gatherings going.

Whether you’re looking for a tranquil retreat from everyday chaos or for a place to host parties and other events, porches, patios, backyards, and other outdoor spaces extend the livable square footage of your home without requiring an addition.

The right outdoor light fixtures, including hanging lights, ceiling lighting, wall lighting, and other fixtures, not only help enjoy your outdoor areas long after the sun goes down, but also enhance the ambiance of your environment.

2. It’s An Opportunity For Self-Expression

Our living spaces aren’t just where we eat, sleep, and work. They’re also where we relax, recharge, and spend time with the people we love. Every part of your home is an opportunity for self-expression. This applies to your exterior spaces as well as your interior spaces.

When designing your porch or patio, consider how it speaks to you and your sense of style and taste. In addition to furniture, fabrics, colors, and materials, lighting is an excellent way to create an atmosphere that reflects the vibe you’re going for.

For example, an ornate and oversized chandelier adds drama and flair, while the clean and unobtrusive lines of a flush-mount fixture support a more modern and minimalist vibe. Meanwhile, outdoor lanterns and outdoor mounted lanterns add character and charm.

3. You’ll Improve Your Home’s Safety And Security

If you’ve ever tried to navigate an outdoor space at night with no lighting, you already know that hazards lurk in the dark. By adding exterior lighting, you’re improving the safety of your home and preventing trips and falls around walkways, stairs, drop-offs, and driveways.

Speaking of hazards that lurk in the dark, pitch-black yards are invitations to criminals. Adding outdoor lighting — especially around entryways like doors and windows, as well as in shadowed areas — means they’ll have no places to hide.

Some insurance companies even offer credits and discounts for homes with well-lit exteriors.

4. Your Home’s Curb Appeal Will Skyrocket

According to a 2021 International Casual Furnishings Association survey, 90 percent of Americans say that outdoor living spaces are more valuable than ever for activities including relaxing, grilling, gardening, playing with pets, exercising, entertaining, and playing with their kids.

Furthermore, an impressive 78 percent have recently committed to making outside upgrades, with more than a third of homeowners planning to purchase lighting for their outdoor areas as part of those upgrades.

The takeaway? With outdoor living spaces at the top of the list for many people, investing in them can help your home attract buyers, if and when the time comes to sell. In the meantime, the curb appeal of exterior lighting, including landscape lighting, will make your home more inviting and attractive to neighbors, visitors, and passersby.

Plus, if you’ve ever returned home to a gracefully glowing home in the dead of winter, you know how wonderfully warming it can be.

5. You’ll Be Ready To Entertain

While there’s a time and a place for the basic picnic table, outdoor spaces have so much more potential for homeowners who like to entertain. The right furniture combined with beautiful and functional illumination can transform your outdoor areas into a luxurious oasis that brings people together and compels them to stay.

One of our favorite ways to improve the comfort of your covered porch or patio? Introduce an outdoor hanging fan. Not only do today’s stylish outdoor fans with lights combine illumination with refreshing cooling properties, but they’re also elements of design in and of themselves.

While summer may still be a ways off, it will be here before you know it. And while upgrading your outdoor lighting in time for the season is important, there’s no better time to start taking steps to improve the look, feel, and safety of your home’s exterior than right now.