Did you know that homes that have high curb appeal tend to sell for around 7% more than similar homes without an exterior that stands out? If you are thinking of illuminating the outside of your home, but are debating on hiring a professional or doing it yourself, you are in the right place. Our guide below has the top reasons that hiring a professional for your outdoor lighting installation is a good idea. 

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Save Money

Although this might sound counterintuitive because you are paying a professional to install your home outdoor lighting, you will save money. The reason is that when you take the DIY approach you might end up having to replace your lighting after a few years. The quality of products from big box stores is not the same as the product quality you get from a professional service.

Also, professionals will help you avoid making expensive mistakes from the beginning because they know how to choose landscape lighting

Save Time and Stress

A professional has experience in exterior lighting and setting up outdoor lights which means that they know what to do, whereas you might have some guessing in the process. This alone will save you plenty of time and headaches if you do something wrong at first. 

Professionals can assess what you have and create a plan to fit your lighting goals. With this plan you can assess whether you want to install all your lights at once or in phases. 

If you opt to install your own lighting system you will have zero guarantees that you will do it correctly. There is a high chance that you will have to adjust the lights, make changes, or repair things later on. These repairs will consume your time and will also cost you more money. 


Another reason to opt for the pros to help you with your installation is that you will have peace of mind that everything is being done correctly. You will also not have to worry about getting hurt yourself or wiring something up incorrectly that can lead to an accident. 

Sometimes wiring can be complicated (especially in older homes). Also, using a low-voltage system that is efficient and won’t raise your power bill astronomically is another part of installing safe and reliable lights. 

Ready to Contact a Professional for Your Outdoor Lighting Installation?

Now that you learned the top benefits of hiring a pro for your outdoor lighting installation you can make an informed decision on whether you want to contact a pro or not. If you choose to use a professional, take your time before choosing an installer. Get a few different quotes and compare the price and the warranties each installer gives you. 

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