The mask was not just my surprise. You can read the comments of these Soko Glam shoppers.  

A customer wrote, “I have sensitive and acne-prone skin. It was given to me as a free item. I wasn’t sure about it but decided to give it a go. It was thin and runny with no leaves. I didn’t think it would do any good. It stayed on for longer than the recommended time. But when it was done, my skin felt softened, smoother, and more balanced than it had ever been. I can’t even believe it. This works wonders for me. I use it once per week. It’s amazing! Highly recommended.

Another person said, “I suffered from severe hormonal acne. This herbal mask has helped me calm my redness and irritation.”

This mask is a favorite of mine. I’ve tried it about 12 times. This mask is very refreshing, and it has a pleasant green tea smell. I usually use this when my skin feels congested, a shopper wrote.”

One person described it as “a must-have for dry skin,” and added, “This mask saved my skin this winter.” It’s loved by my entire family! This product worked well for me, as I am extremely sensitive and have acne-prone skin. This product is extremely soothing for your skin and leaves it feeling soft. You will be buying it again and again.

Another person wrote: “This is such an excellent wash-off mask!” The mask leaves the skin feeling smooth, refreshed and moisturized. It also works well for managing blemishes. This product was very soothing on my skin, which had been affected by an allergy to another product. Since then it has worked well to restore my skin to normal. It is very soothing for sensitive skin that can be dry and sensitive. If I feel the need, I will use it three times per week. This product is highly recommended!

Although the mask takes a bit of effort to put on, it is well worth it! It made my skin look more glowing and radiant after just one use. You only need to use a tiny amount of it. It is a very efficient mask. It’s a product I would recommend highly,” one fan shared.

Another user wrote: “Calming, clarifyingI like this mask. This mask calms my skin when it is experiencing redness or breakouts. Easy and powerful.