He was always a charming person

Laviscount explained that “how I got into acting” was somewhat bizarre. Harry Connick Jr. on his Harry talk show in 2017. I was out shopping in the town with my mother when she noticed this lovely shop attendant. Her age was likely around 18, and mine was 10 years. My mom was like “Mom, she is beautiful,” and I said, “Go get it son.” Bold and brash, I went to them and asked: “Are we going out of here?” Lion King “Is the Road Clear?” 

“This woman heard and goes to my mother, she says, ‘Listen! He’s got heart. Casting for the new brand of children’s clothing is my job. It would be great if he came to your audition. The job was offered to me.”

Turns out, the clothing launch was for David BeckhamDB 07, the clothing collection for kids!