But it wasn’t over. Rachel was still required to confront Clayton one-on-one.

Rachel seemed visibly upset, but Clayton was assured by her that he wasn’t the catalyst.

She stated, “None are these emotions for you or about me.” It has nothing to do about any lingering emotions, as I am collateral damage in your search for love. This was the selfishest journey.

Clayton offered another generic apology, which we have heard many times before. Although he expressed condolences and regretted, he did not express emotion.

Rachel bluntly stated, “I just don’t believe you.” This is my first ever on-camera apology. The last two episodes were a complete surprise to us. Your words indicated that you were open to transparency. The most important details were not included. The part you knew was the most important, the person you loved.

Rachel refers to Susie, naturally.

Rachel actually went as far to ask if Clayton had ever been in love. 

“You had told me I was the first to tell you ‘I Love You’ within six years,” she said. You were the only one I could trust. “Did you just tell me you loved me for wanting to be with me?”

You may have heard us gasp here.