That was the shockwave that swept through Bachelor Nation.

Rachel RecchiaAnd Gabby Windey are BothReady to give the roses.

In the second part of The BachelorThe finale of the series on March 15th, appropriately entitled The Final RoseGabby and Rachel were BothNamed top women in season 19 Bachelorette. Two contestants will become the faces of the show, for the first-time in show history. Complete season. (Kaitlyn Aristowe briefly had a co-lead, named Britt NilssonIn season 11, it was back.

Hosting Jesse PalmerBachelor Nation received the news, and shared it with the community.

Jesse revealed their relationship during season 26. The Bachelor helped form the decision, noting, “Watching you both support each other in Iceland, and also how you have tonight, that was really the big reason why we decided to give you both a shot.”

Rachel turned Gabby’s attention when she was asked about her feelings.

She exclaimed, “I am so happy for her.” This is crazy and it’s exciting to share this adventure with you. It was our first time together, and it has been the best experience of all.

Gabby also expressed excitement about the extraordinary journey ahead. Gabby said that she is a “girl’s girl” through and through. “Having a friend at my side is the best thing for me.”