You can be sure of this. WasThe most thrilling finale in Bachelor Nation History.

Fans witnessed the end of The End on Tuesday, March 15. Clayton EchardYour journey to The BachelorDuring which time he bid farewell contestants Gabby WindeyAnd Rachel Recchia—before attempting to win back Susie Evans‘ heart.

Did Susie and Clayton end up together again…or were they engaged in Iceland? Clayton sent Susie a warm note. Susie then met Clayton in Icelandic, and asked Susie to bring him home. Susie, however, was not ready to make a move with Clayton during the final rose ceremony and decided to remain in Iceland.

Clayton was heartbroken when she said, “I feel like everything’s over.”

They got there by accident. Well, rather than accept the key to stay as a couple in the fantasy suite, frontrunner Susie left the competition during the March 8 episode after learning Clayton was in love with Gabby and Rachel…and that he’d been “intimate” with both women. On March 14, Rachel and Gabby met Clayton’s family after Susie left.

Both meetings were successful, but Clayton told his family and brothers that Susie was his true love. The host then stepped in. Jesse Palmer stepped in to inform Clayton that Susie was still in Iceland, leaving room for a potential reunion.