The Hart of Dixie actress didn’t share more about the relationship to Aubrey, but she did touch on a particularly difficult split during a previous episode of her podcast. Rachel, without naming her ex admitted that she had guest starred on the podcast. Mandy Moore that she “went through a really hard breakup and it was during the pandemic.”

“I couldn’t leave my home, do you see what I am referring to? She shared that she had no other choice but to sit and experience it. “It was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done⁠, harder than childbirth.”

Rachel⁠—who continues to co-parent daughter Briar Rose7 with Hayden Christensen⁠ after their 2017 split—went on to say that the fallout with the unnamed ex “hurt like a motherf–ker,” though she eventually came out through the other side. She said, “If faced honestly, you can get out of it and feel like I accomplished that, and now I am ready to tackle the next thing.”

Bill appears to be moving on. CelebHomes News was confirmed by a different source in January that Bill had moved on. Barry star is dating Anna Kendrick, with whom he co-starred in the 2019 Christmas flick Noelle.

And much like Bill’s past relationship with Rachel, details about it are being kept under wraps. The second insider said that it’s been ongoing for some time, but Anna has kept the details on the shelf.