It’s undisputed that 90 Day Fiancé‘s EmilyShe knows exactly what she enjoys.

This exclusive peek is from Episode 19: Emily makes a big confession. She has already bought her engagement ring. KobeDrops the ball. Her family and friends are not pleased with her decision.

Emily revisits her choice and shares, in confession, that she has to have a ring for life. She also wants it to be something she loves. While I have faith in Kobe and don’t feel pressure to do so, it’s not my intention.

In her defense, if Kobe can’t afford the ring of her dreams, why not just buy it herself?

Emily is reassured by her loved ones that the ring “really beautiful”, but they have big questions. The first is “What happens if he buys one?”

Emily can’t give an answer and a friend replies, “I don’t know how you got out there to buy a diamond ring.”