Did Dale Earnhardt Jr. Turn Jay Z Into a NASCAR Fan?

Prepare for the reality TV ride of a lifetime because NASCAR driver Austin Dillon is getting his own series.

Austin Dillon: Life in the Fast Lane will follow the wild lifestyle of the Daytona 500 Champion, along with his wife Whitney, adorable son AceThe couple and their best friends PaulAnd Mariel Swan. As the group explains in the below trailer, they’ve been extremely close for more than eight years. Whitney says that although they aren’t blood relatives, it’s still a family.

Paul and Austin have a special relationship because Paul transports the tires for Austin’s pit crew. Whitney called him the “person that truly completes” her husband. 

Mariel will play Paul’s second “person” and make their TV debut. They’ll also be able document their first child. In between trips to the track, expect to see shenanigans ranging from an emotional baby shower to a football game involving diapers.