Tribe, or, in fact, Sia He has spoken.

However Maryanne OketchThe $1 Million prize was won by the winner SurvivorSeason 42. The singer of “Cheap Thills” believes this Drea WheelerHer fellow castaways were outwitted, outplayed and outlasted by her. Drea was shocked when she gave her a $100,000 check.

Sia declared to the stunned 35-year-old, “You’re an incredible woman,” she said in a May 31 shared video. the CBS show’s Twitter account. You played the game so smoothly that your fire was extinguished way too soon for me to like. You handled the situation at Tribal so well, I love your grace. 

Sia was more than happy to say kind words. “I want to give you $100,000 just to say, like, you’re a good person,” the singer told a visibly emotional Drea. You deserve to be recognized for your good deeds. “I love you.