Could Ryan Reynolds venture to the Upside Down? It’s not uncommon for strange things to happen!

Stranger ThingsExecutive producer/director Shawn LevyReynolds says Reynolds will fit in right with the Stranger ThingsThe cast includes Winona Ryder, Millie Bobby Brown and David Harbour

And Levy should know. HeAnd fellow Canadian Reynolds recently worked together on One Guy Free, The Adam Project And the future Deadpool 3

Levy said, “I’d love to see Ryan Reynolds appear in anything.” The Hollywood Reporter. My career in the last half-decade was defined by Stranger ThingsRyan’s collaborations and mine, so it would truly be trippy, but also satisfying to watch my worlds collide.”

He continued, “So, Ryan ReynoldSGet ready to start season five.”

While we don’t want to get our hopes up, Reynolds is the king of cameos as he has uncredited appearances in One Million Ways to Death in the West, TedAnd Taylor SwiftMusic video for “You Need to Calm Down”, by.