There is no need to panic.

Nearly two weeks after testing positive for coronavirus—and being the victim of a viral death hoax—Queen Elizabeth II held not one but TwoVirtual meeting with Foreign Ambassadors March 1.

Her Majesty spoke to the audience wearing a bright-green dress and pearl necklace. Carles Jordana MaderoAmbassador from Andorra. Kedella Younous HamidiChad Ambassador

Just last week, the monarch had canceled her engagements, with a Buckingham Palace spokesperson explaining that she was “still experiencing mild cold like symptoms.”

Which aren’t as bad as the world—or a handful of people on the Internet—thinking you had died. Hollywood Unlocked announced that Queen Elizabeth II had been declared dead at 95 on Feb 22. NBC News received confirmation from a top royal source that she is alive. But, the CEO of Hollywood Unlocked stood firm in his reporting.

“Regarding the Queen Elizabeth story…” Jason LeeBuzzfeed News was informed by a source that he received the information from an attendee at the wedding. British VogueEditor in chief Edward Enninful, wrote on Instagram. “1. I’ve never lied. 2. It’s never happened to me. 3. My sources are reliable. 4. I have not yet seen a statement by the palace stating otherwise. 5. I’ll be at the Donda concert tonight with YE.”