The ultimate power couple is sharing their secrets for a successful marriage.

However, it will. Terry DubrowAnd Heather DubrowAre your efforts enough to save a marriage from ruin? That’s what they’re determined to find out on CelebHomes’s 7-year Stitch. The special includes the following: BotchedDoctor and Real Housewives of Orange County star will set out to help ChrisAnd KathleenAs they reveal in the sneak peak clip, these people are at the edge of divorce. 

In fact, according to Kathleen, she and her husband have reached a point where they “just don’t speak anymore.” 

When they talk, it is bound to lead to a fight. Kathleen states, “I go to work. I work hard all the day. I return home with an attitude,” Kathleen adds. And then, I snap back at him. Then he’s an idiot and I’m a bitch. It goes on for days. The same arguments and nightmares keep coming back to me over and over.”

It’s not just about the petty stuff that they argue about. As Chris tells Terry and Heather, he “doesn’t have much of a choice” when it comes to Kathleen’s exuberant spending,And he still harbors anger at one particular purchase which caused the couple to need “to take out a couple of loans.”