Khloe Kardashian He has not given up on his love.

This is what the Good American cofounder made abundantly clear in the teaser released on July 11 for Hulu’s season 2 show. The Kardashians, premiering Sept. 22. 

Khloe declares, in a voiceover: “I do believe that love is possible.” When you love, it’s a sign that you’re still alive. These feelings are yours. This comment raised eyebrows since Khloe recently announced she’s not “seeing a soul” and focusing on herself, amid reports that she’s dating a private equity investor following her split from Tristan Thompson.

The L-word is being used here Kim KardashianRelationship with Saturday Night Live‘s Pete Davidson continues to heat up. In the trailer, she says, “Life is good.”

Kim says, “I have a brand new boyfriend.” Kim continues, “I am just having a great time.” Like, It is really good. She’s getting ready. Pete calls her and asks, “Babe! Do you wanna shower with me quickly?”

Pete responds by running to her and throwing his bag. It’s so wonderful to be young, in love and happy!

For the sisters who are not Kar-Jenners, this is just another day. Kendall Jenner is shown strutting the runway, while Kylie Jenner is preparing for the arrival of her and Travis ScottTogether, they have their second child.