David Foster And Katharine McPhee‘s quite literally, moving to the beat of his own drum. 
The proof is here. A video of their 17-month-old son was shared by the record producer. RennieRennie taps away at an electronic drumpad with his own wooden drumsticks, David captioned Rennie’s cute Instagram Instagram picture, uploaded Aug. 3, with his impressive musical abilities, “Is it normal for 17-month olds?”
After David’s upload, commenters chimed in with the perfect responses for that particular question. One person replied, “For your 17 month-old, I would answer yes.” Another wrote, “What is his session fee?” David’s youngest daughter made the best comment. Erin FosterDavid’s mom, Rebecca Dyer).Erin stated, “The musical gene has been finally passed on.” “I still wait for my to kick in.
This isn’t the first time that Rennie’s parents—who welcomed him in February 2021—have given fans a peek at his already-keen musical talents.