Common stated that he first read the script and called his manager to tell him, “Man, you know, I don’t want a slave film.” Common told his manager to continue reading and it took him no time to grasp what Common meant. Common claims he was attracted to the book. [to]It was full of surprises and twists. I had no idea what was coming.”

Keke also expressed her excitement about the opportunity to work on this project which she described “powerful.” 

Keke said, “It’s crucial for us all that we look at the history as a means to pull back some layers that have been concealed as it pertains to certain atrocities.” Daily Pop. “Even though we had to go through an intense journey together, Alice, in the end of it, I felt not just happy for her or better inside about what she accomplished, but I was also able to take that same spirit with me into my life as a Black woman.”

In the CelebHomes News interview, Common and Keke discuss more.

AliceThis film is currently in cinemas March 18.