Happy big family consists of two mature couples and little girl are spending evening together. They are sitting on the bean bag chairs, looking at the notebook, drinking wine and smiling near fireplace.

Maybe you haven’t sat in a bean bag chair since your youth.  If that’s the case, you probably aren’t aware that bean bag chairs have come a long way since the little polystyrene bead filled gems you likely remember.  Today, you can sit in a bean bag chair filled with materials far superior than the fillers once used in the early 1980s and 1990s.  Today’s chairs have more opulent fillings, like blended, furniture grade polyurethane foam.  These chairs never go flat, and won’t leave you sitting on the floor like their ancestors.  Having a bean bag chair as part of your home décor means having versatility and comfort all in one.  Here are three reasons everyone needs a bean bag chair.   

  1. Bean bag chairs are versatile.  Unlike using an accent chair, which has to be placed in one spot and can’t be moved around as needed, a bean bag chair can be moved from one spot to another depending on mood, season, or need.  Need another seat in the family room?  Simply drag the bean bag in.  Want another seat in your child’s bedroom for her friend?  Slide in the bean bag for a fun way to provide an extra seat.  You can use a bean bag chair wherever you need additional seating or anywhere you want a comfortable place for yourself or for guests.  A bonus is purchasing a bean bag chair that has a mattress inside.  The versatility of being able to provide additional sleeping for guests by using a bean bag chair filled with a mattress is extremely convenient.  
  1. Bean bag chairs are comfortable.  Bean bag chairs provide comfortable seating unlike any other.  Most people can agree that even though accent chairs are pretty additions to any room, they don’t provide a seat that many people want to sit in.  They are small, straight backed, and don’t provide a surface comfortable enough for longer than about a five minute sit.  Unlike accent chairs, bean bag chairs are the Cadillac of comfortable chairs.  No other chair envelopes a user in plush fabric and squishy foam like a bean bag chair.  Bean bag chairs of today don’t leave you lying flat on the floor either.  They are easy to get in and out of, unlike their vinyl covered, bead-filled ancestors.  
  1. Bean bag chairs are stylish.  If the thought of a bean bag chair makes you cringe, you probably just remember the brightly colored, cheaply made bean bag chairs of your youth.  Today’s bean bag chairs are nothing like those old school bags.  Today’s bean bag chairs are covered in fabrics that are comfortable and attractive.  Covers like vegan leather, faux fur, chenille, terrycloth chenille, sturdy canvas, or corduroy add texture and style to any room.  The variety of colors available for bean bag chairs means no matter what you décor, you can find a bean bag chair that will match perfectly.  Be it a stand out color, or a soft muted neutral, your bean bag chair will add attractiveness to any room.  Additionally, you can find bean bag chairs in a plethora of sizes to fill the space you need perfectly.  Bean bag chairs come in sizes small enough for a child and large enough for two adults.  With so many options you’ll be able to find space for a bean bag chair in practically every room of your home.  

Bean bag chairs have evolved into respectable chairs that are both functional and fashionable. Using a bean bag chair in your home provides comfortable seating that you, your family, and guests will love.  Adding a bean bag chair to your home is a great idea for providing seating and filling spaces that remain moveable and versatile.