Planning your kitchen space while kitchen remodelling

The need for your kitchen to be functional and practical is much
more than any other room. Always think of how you can utilise your kitchen
space to cater to your requirements when space is being remodelled. What is
necessary and what isn’t. Think about the layout of the kitchen and do what
will the best way of utilizing the remodelled kitchen space to the fullest. Atthe cozyhome
kitchen renovation
you get the latest designs and ideas for remodelling your kitchen space
effectively. The basic space planning and schematic design phase is the most
essential part of any kitchen remodelling.

Always remember, bigger is not the best. Consider your budget
above all other considerations and make sure your kitchen design falls under an
affordable and reasonable budget. Generally, an effective and functional layout
can be planned within the limits of your already existing kitchen, nit
involving extra additions. For remodelling your kitchen space, contactthecozyhome kitchen renovationcentre. Their experienced contractors will offer you the best
layout and designs, providing you with unexpected utility. 

Kitchen Space Planning

Consulting an experienced remodelling contractor will help you ensure
that things are laid out safely. Choose a suitable plan as per your
convenience. Below given are a few things to remember while remodelling your
kitchen area. 

  • Counters:
    Consider having a minimum of 35 inches of counter space for preparing food,
    having 24 inches on one side and 18 inches on the other at least. If more fits
    in the space, you can add. 
  • Appliances:
    Leave abundant space before appliances so that you don’t face problems in
    opening them. Keep at least 34 to 40 inches of space in front of appliances. If
    you want to place your fridge next to a wall, see that the door swings in the
    opposite way, else the wall might not allow the door to be opened
  • Walkways: Your
    kitchen should be spacious enough to allow people to walk freely here and
    there. It should be able to accommodate more than 2 to 3 people during
    occasions. Leave at least 42 inches between the counters so that people can
    pass each other without disrupting anyone working at the counters. 
  • Choose
    practical designs:
    Whenever possible, always implement
    the classwork triangle. In this design, the sink, stove, and refrigerator are
    arranged in a triangular pattern. It saves unnecessary steps and hence your
    time. When you are remodelling a kitchen and planning to move in appliances or
    open up walls or make additions, consult a professional contractor to know the
    amount estimates. This will help you do things within your budget. Don’t
    finalise any design only because it has been your dream design. Most people
    have done so are frustrated now. 
  • Choose
    a layout for Your Space
    : Getting started with a list of the
    basic requirements and some inspirational images is a great way of beginning
    your remodelling. However, while planning on how your kitchen will look after
    being remodelled, focus more on how are you going to utilize the remodelled
    space to the utmost. Planning your kitchen space is all about an effective
    layout. Try Various options and choose the most efficient and convenient one.
    Consider which will the best layout for you. Whether an L shaped or U shaped or
    galley shaped kitchen would be the best.

Are you wanting to have an eat-in feature in your kitchen? Do you
have to add additional appliances or change windows etc? Consider all these,
and select a definite layout for your kitchen space from Hundreds of options
and myriads of styles, designs, and layout. 

  • Get
    estimated prices:
    Once you have selected your kitchen
    layout and floor plan, contracts will be Willie to offer you a ballpark
    estimate. The more information you have regarding the details of your kitchen
    layout, the more accurate the ballpark number will be. Although all the layout
    details and the estimated prices might have to be changed later, at least you
    will have an idea about the estimated investment for the kitchen remodelling.
    Also, take estimates of material costs such as counterparts, cabinetry,
    flooring, and tiles. 
  • Sketch
    plans, 3d drawings and elevations now:
    that you have selected a layout of your kitchen space and know the estimated
    costs involved, hire a designer to detail out the layout. These drawings will
    enable you to visualise how the kitchen will look like once the remodelling is
    done and how the kitchen space will function. Note the plan carefully to see
    where utensils, spices, pans and pots, and appliances will be kept. 

Once you know where will things and utensils be placed, you can be
creative with the designs now. Cabinet design is an art, and you can
personalize the style and shapes of cabinet drawers and doors, according to
your choice. You can try out different designs and styles to create a unique
kitchen design that is interesting and dynamic. 

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