Entering the realm of alcohol pairings can be a rough venture. Different beers, wines, and liquors all go with different food. Different qualities of all the same things can also make a world of a difference. It can be overwhelming then deciding what to eat when going out to drink. Although there’s one combo that has near universal appeal, beer and pizza.

This is why some of the best breweries in Louisville serve pizza and pizza alone. Mile Wide Beer Company, for example, serves some great dark beers and IPA’s. It’s a big spot with lots of board games, activities, and space to chat. It also has an entire Neapolitan pizza place located inside of it. When it comes to Neopolitan pizza and craft beer, there’s not much better.

Of course not everyone’s looking for Neapolitan pizza, and that’s where Noble Funk Brewing Co. comes in. An upscale place with trendy beers and even trendier pizza, the buffalo chicken and pulled pork pizzas are nearly unbeatable. Yet even here the pizza is more unique with an expectation of a unique pairing.

TEN20 Craft Brewery is a place which makes sure not to go too far with its pizza. TEN20 has a beer garden, giant taproom, and wide open event spaces held within it. It is a spot which really emphasizes its venue and its beer. Although recently they decided to start serving pizza, and the patrons there love it. It’s a great example of how this timeless combo can work anywhere without much hassle.

And these are just three of the best breweries in Louisville. They’re all exceptional breweries by themselves, but the pizza is an underrated bonus. There are countless breweries that offer burgers and wings and even tacos. Yet at the end of the day, there’s just nothing like a beer with pizza.