Not to bring back the memories of Philip Seymour Hoffman, but his apartment on Bethune St is now being rented. Don’t shoot the messenger! Then again, the memories of Philip’s work are nothing but masterful, powerful, and great. From Twister to Mission Impossible III to The Master. That’s just to name some of the movies Hoffman was in. You may recall his performance in Capote as Truman Capote. You may also already be aware that the apartment which is being discussed here is the same one where Philip Seymour Hoffman himself died. I wonder if the new tenant(s) know this.

Regardless, the West Village apartment makes for simple, elegant, comfortable living. The furnished kitchen can be found immediately to the left upon entering, as well as the living room which has a fireplace and some windows that open up to fairly nice views. The living room makes for a great entertaining and reading space. Home measures 1,100 sq ft and contains 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Address: 35 Bethune St Apt 4D, New York NY 10014