All kinds of celebrities and noted individuals are active in the real estate world. You have musicians, recording artists, chefs, athletes, the Darth Vader of the pizza empire (Papa John’s)…….But, an infomercial guy? Ron Popeil, who you might’ve seen on one of those “As Seen on TV” infomercials, had his monstrous ranch on the market for well over a month now. Could it be because he’s asking for almost $2 million over the “Zestimate?” Popeil might be hurting a bit. If anything, we can re-watch Ron on Conan, The Weird Al Show, or hear his voice in Futurama.

Now, are you looking for a new home? Are you looking for not just any home, but one that is enveloped by 150 acres of land? Do you want a home that you’re looking to retreat to and/or live in permanently? For only $4.995 million, you’ll get 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 20,125 sq ft of living space, and tranquility on San Marcos Pass Rd in Santa Barbara, California! Call now, and we’ll tell you an interesting factoid about the place. Oh alright, it was built in 1898. Inquire today!

Address: 5100 San Marcos Pass Rd, Santa Barbara CA 93105