One thing that comedians excel at is finding light in darkness.

Alyssa LimperisHer brand new comedy special explores her dad’s death through a lighter lens. There are no bad daysPeacock will premiere the film on August 12, 2009.

She says, “My father was diagnosed with terminal brain tumors, and then one year later, it was his death.” “And then, a day later, I went to a café, and they were all out of oat milk. Then, you can just “Pile it on.”

Limperis’ program will include a lecture on grief stages and asking the audience if they feel their dad. Limperis also plays a game called “Who Wants To Be My Dad?” which takes viewers along a path of loss and pain while showing the beauty of everyday life.

The star released a statement in which he stated that this special was “deeply personal to him.” This piece was written in 2015, after my dad died from brain cancer.