John LegendAnd Chrissy Teigen know each day gets better. 

This couple lost their son. Jack in September 2020, shared on Aug. 3 that they are expecting another baby. 

Chrissy also posted an Instagram photo of her growing belly.

The former model—who also shares daughter Luna6. and son Miles, 4, with the singer—said in February that she was resuming her IVF journey after her pregnancy loss.

Her explanation was, “1 Billion shots later” (in the leg lately as u see!) We have one more on the way. After every appointment I made, I thought to myself that ‘if it’s health today I’ll make an announcement’. But then, when I hear my heart beat again, I realize how nervous I was and breathe in a sigh relief. 

Chrissy, 36, recalled having mixed feelings during many of the doctor visits. “I doubt I will ever walk out from an appointment with more excitement and nerves,” she stated. “But so far, everything has been perfect and beautiful and it’s making me feel hopeful and amazing.”